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Portlet with Applet in same war file

Hello, I have a Portlet project in Jdev that includes a servlet and all is working well. I now have the need to include a java applet in the portlet. So I right clicked 'Portlets' in my application, chose 'New', chose 'Applet' and started programming. Now I can't figure out how to include this applet on the portlet page.

It appears that the applet is included in the WAR file of the project -- I can see it in Application Sources. So I believe it is being deployed with the rest of my project. But I don't know how to define the <applet> tag's 'archive' parameter to point to the WAR file.

I've tried the Applet HTML Page wizard hoping the applet tag would be defined correctly to launch the applet; but it's not.

Is this the proper way to include an applet in your portlet projects?

Does it need to be deployed separately -- not in the main WAR file?

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