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Executing entire sql script file from cx_Oracle

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edited Jan 27, 2009 12:27AM in Python
Is there a method in cx_Oracle to execute an entire sql script file?


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    451875 Member Posts: 14
    If you mean a SQL*Plus script, then no. If you have a text file containing a series of SQL statements you could do something like this;
    statements = open('script_file.sql').readlines()
    statements = ''.join(statements)
    sql_statements = statements.split(';')
    orcl = cx_Oracle.connect('connection string')
    cursor = orcl.cursor()
    for sql in sql_statements:
    ... cursor.execute(sql)

    Although reading and executing code from arbitrary files isn't a terribly great idea. Added to the fact that you have no ability to handle or pass arguments or parameters and this is probably only useful as a once off.
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