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ORA805.dll unable to access using TOAD

612348 Member Posts: 39
edited Jan 19, 2009 9:31AM in General Database Discussions
Has anyone encountered this issue?

Access violation in module ora805.dll using the TOAD software

What was the solution to correct?



  • 153119
    153119 Member Posts: 5,173
    Ora805.dll is specific for Oracle 8.0.5.
    This version has been desupported by Oracle many, many years ago, and is not certified for any current version of Windows, or you must be still running NT4 or NT3.51.
    The solution is to upgrade Oracle to 10gR2.

    Sybrand Bakker
    Senior Oracle DBA
  • bscalzo
    bscalzo Member Posts: 56
    First recommendation is to upgrade your Oracle client as advised. If that's not possible - Toad is still tested and certified for Oracle releases all the way back to 7.3. But there are complications of course - as certain Oracle client versions cannot connect to some older databases. But your case here looks to be Toad specific. I think you should double check that Toad is pointing to the correct Oracle home for that client. The Toad connection screen offers the ability to look into that.
  • bscalzo
    bscalzo Member Posts: 56
    One more question - what version database server - what version of Toad. Feel free to email me offline at [email protected] There is a mechanism in Toad under the help menu to create a support bundle (a text file with lots of info for one to debug what's going on). If you send that to me I may be able to help :)
  • 612348
    612348 Member Posts: 39
    Thanks for the assistance and support.

    We are running Oracle 10g2 with TOAD for Oracle 9.0. This issue turned out to be about the FORMS60_PATH being too long. Once we resolved that problem, my TOAD problem disappeared. Go Figure.

    Thanks again
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