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Trigger Techniques???

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edited Apr 29, 2009 12:35PM in Berkeley DB XML
I am in need of referential integrity in a xml document. I'd like to
trigger one action when another occurs. I have thought of
a few ways to do this by creating named events, and executing events
instead of calling functions. I can then use the xquery function interface to
associate action with an event.

I've searched these archives, and the web, for xml and trigger. Mark Logic
seems to have some kind of xml triggers, a database called Sedna does as well.
Is there planned a first class trigger mechanism for bdb/xml? Are there known
techniques for accomplishing trigger like behavior?




  • Gmfeinberg-Oracle
    Gmfeinberg-Oracle Posts: 1,333 Employee

    There are no immediate plans for triggers. Because BDB XML is an embedded database the application has control most of the time triggers might be needed (e.g. document insert, delete). Events triggered within XQuery Update are a different story. You could write your own XQuery functions that you could call. In the upcoming release BDB XML will support XQuery extension functions written in C++ and Java as well and that may help you achieve your goal.

  • 652142
    652142 Member Posts: 37
    Hi George,

    Any ideas on when that new BDB XML will be coming out :)

  • 637288
    637288 Member Posts: 488
    IIRC eXist database also supports triggers.
    btw, if DB XML developers are going to implement smth like a nice Java web-application which utilizes DB XML, then application-level triggers could be managed within such a web-application.

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