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How to close an external window using etester

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edited Jan 26, 2009 2:01PM in QA/Testing

In one of my test scenarios, my script clicks on a email hyperlink. A new internet explorer session opens but etester doesnt recognise it. Is there a way to capture this? I just want to capture it and close it. I dont want to do anything with the new browser.



  • Options - setting manager - script - webanalyst - NoExternalIEs ...set value for this as per your requirement
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    680172 Member Posts: 12
    Hi Ashish

    Thanks for the reply. I can set the value to either true or false. In both cases, when a browser opens outside of etester window, the tool is not able to recognise it. Also, Is there a way i can capture an email editor? I have configured outlook in that pc. so now, it opens an email editor. but again, it is outside of the window.

    to throw more light on the scenario,

    when the tool clicks on a contact us link, an email editor opens, but the tool is not able to handle that.

    let me know if there is a way to do it.

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    Unfortunately ATF doesn't natively make calls to external applications. My recommendation would be to don't click on links that have a reference to "mailto:". Testing a link with a "mail to" is testing a feature of the browser and not of the web application, therefore we can hope that Microsoft tested that feature in Internet Explorer. You can test if the "mailto:" is in the proper format or that the email is in the proper format. For such a test use a custom object test with regular expressions.

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