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Playing back script in OpenScript with application which opens in ext windo

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I have to test an application which after log in a user opens an external window and works in this external window.
There is now way to omitt loging.
I recorded a script in open script and I tried to play it back, but there was fail before trying to open external window with application to test.
I got the error:
HTTP response code: 404 Not Found

How can I solve this problem?

Is there any possibility to put things from console to file?

Thanks in advance,

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    Got HTTP response code: 404 Not Found when playing back a script.

    The HTTP response code "404" means that the page was not found on the web server. Either the url is incorrect or goes to a resource that was moved, renamed, or doesn't exist on the server. In scripts this mostly happens when the url is dynamic, meaning, the url changes every time that the page is requested. It also could happen if a cookie or any another http header is missing or added, yet depending how the website was designed, this could give a different HTTP response code.

    You may want to compare:
    the URL that is posted in the log when you playback the script
    the URL of "the page that gives the HTTP code 404" when you do the steps of the script manually using Internet Explorer.

    If for some reason you don't see the URL of the external window when doing the process manually, right click anywhere inside the external window and select "Properties". If you can't right click on the window let me know and I will give you some tips. (This is because Internet Explorer 6 may not always show the URL, Internet Explorer 7 will always show it.)

    When comparing the URLs look for parts that may be dynamic. The parts that are dynamic are usually few letters and numbers that don't seam to mean an word or a phrase, for example: 7h8G5d.

    You can also determine if the URL is dynamic by doing the following:
    1) Open Internet Explorer and do the steps of the script manually up to the point where the HTTP code 404 is seen on the script
    2) Take note of the URL
    3) Open a new Internet Explorer window using the Quicklunch, Start Menu, or Desktop shortcut (not by using new Window or new tab because this would preserve session values)
    4) In the new window repeat the steps of the script manually as in step 1
    5) Take a note of the URL and compare it with the URL of step 2
    Differences between the URLs are the dynamic parts of the URL.

    It is also possible but less likely that the URL is different every time that the web application is re-built.

    Once you know what are the parts that are dynamic you will need to use variables or transformations in OpenScript to make the URL to vary accordingly. Please let me know if you need these steps.


    btw: There is no way to "put things from console to file". I made the feature request for you. Probably you will see it in a future release.

    For you and everybody, please feel free to post anything that you feel that the tool should have or should be better. This makes the product better for you and for others. I can guarantee that you will be heard by posting in this forum, what I cannot guarantee is that each of them will be implemented.
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    If you want to record from external window follow the steps below

    1-open the OATS web application and type the following URL in the address field.
    2-select run->record->start
    3-type the URL of ur application in address field and press enter.
    4-navigate the side,then close the External Window.

    The recorded Visual script will carryover the cookies and playback correctly.


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    Hi Zuriel,

    Pls provide the steps for adding variables or transformations .Actually,I played back in NAVIGATION EDITOR after recording in OFT.Everytime new CUSTOM DYNAMIC VALUES are being generated,so,the script fails in ORACLE LOAD TESTING FOR WEB APPLN.
    Is there a way I can suppress these CUSTOM DYNAMIC VALUES?
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