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error:Navigation failed:Failed to find element window.

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edited Feb 5, 2009 7:26AM in QA/Testing
while playback my script I find following error.

Navigation failed:Failed to find element window(index=0).frame(name="contentFrame" | index=1).form(name="QUERYTEXTCOMPONENTS" | index=5).formelement[INPUT](index=41) at index 1

so how to deal with this problem?
can I externally create this element at specified place?


  • either there is Synchronization issue or
    element which was there at time of recording is not there while playback ..could be defect
    or name or id of elemet changed
    Ashish Dave-Oracle
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    You should create a better custom dynamic variable to identify this element. Referencing a element by Index is not recommended or reliable. A recorded Index of 41 for the element inside form QUERYTEXTCOMPONENTS indicates that there are a lot of elements inside that recorded form, and that there is probably some dynamic nature to the page.

    You should change the match to be i.e. formelement[INPUT](name="something" | id = "something")
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