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Dynamic content page. OpenScript

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I have to test an application which content is dynamic.
There is a page which has one or three buttons.
Under these buttons there is a list. When this list id empty there is one button (it is Add button)
When there is something on this list there are three buttons (Add, Edit and Delete buttons).
If I recorded application for one button then, when I played it back for three buttons there is a lot of errors like: failed to create variable INPUT_12_0.

The number of elements on the page is changing and I don't know how to solve the problem of numbering this element while playing back.

I've got another problem. While playing back the script I've got the error: Failed to solve JavaScript variable JAVASCRIPT_82_2:1:82:2:0. This happens during trying to puch the button and opening another page.

Please, help me solve these problems.

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  • IHodgetts
    IHodgetts Member Posts: 264
    The area you need to be looking in is "Object Identification" in the script options menu. Basically it sounds like you need to use the NAME of the objects rather than the index number. I actually had the reverse problem; multiple objects on the same page with the same name. You may be better changing this priority on a per-script basis (though you can do this globally).


    Hope this helps!
  • 683281
    683281 Member Posts: 5
    I forgot to tell that I have this problem in Open Script.
    But thank you for help
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