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Add a JoB to the TESt manaGER

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edited Mar 4, 2009 7:15AM in QA/Testing

While using TEST MANAGER(oats),I have got a situation to ADD a JOB to the testmanager and then RUN it.
generally we add our script to the test manager after converting it into (oatpkg) format because TEST MANAGER
takes it in only this format.
I have't got a way to convert a job to this format.
Can we have some way to ADD a job to the testmanager.



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    Jobs that are created in the Oracle Functional Testing tool (OFT) cannot be added into the Oracle Test Manager. These Functional (OFT) jobs are used only in the OFT tool to prove that a collection of scripts (OFT .mom files) will be able to execute in sequence. Once an OFT job is proven, you first save each individual .mom script as a .otmpkg and then upload each .otmpkg into the Oracle Test Manager.
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    679279 Member Posts: 61

    My actual need is that i have lots of small-small script's(around 50),and now have a requirment
    to run them in one GO.
    for this the simplest solution was to add them in JOB and then use this JOB into testmanager,
    but now as this not work with test manager ,I am looking for different solution for this.
    any of your suggesion will be Helpfull.

  • why not to add those small scripts directly into test manager ... test manager offers more than what job does
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