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ATS script error for the ebiz web module Internal asset management

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edited Mar 3, 2009 3:57PM in QA/Testing

I am trying to setup an integration between ATS (Application testing suite) and ebiz "Internal asset management" web module.
My goal is :
1. to create the scripts in ATS using the embedded web browser in ATS by using the page navigation of the web module to create a "work order".
2. Playback the script to confirm that the page navigation is happening properly.
3. Using that script in the load testing of ATS to generate big number of transaction in the ebiz asset management module and finally generate loads of data in the backend tables.

I was able to generate the script in ATS successfully. But when I am playing back the script , the sciprt is failing in the execution of the last page(of the script) which is nothing but the final data submission page of the web module. Execution of this page is critical to generate the loads of data in the backend database. The error I am getting reffers that the final page is a forms application rather than a http application, and as ATS does not support anything other than http and webservices it is giving a forms launcher error.

Now could you please help me with some pointers, documents, contacts to solve this error.

Please advice and let me know if any other info is required.

Thanks and Regards


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    If you are only goal is to create Load scripts, then I suggest you use the new 8.50 OpenScript tool that now is packaged with the OATS download. Playback in OpenScript will validate your script the same way that it will play in the Load Agent.

    The ATS OFT (etester) tool you mention is designed to create scripts for both Functional and Load scripting. Once the script is recorded, you should not playback using the OFT play mode. You must instead switch to the menu Tools -> Navigation Editor. Like OpenScript, playback in the Navigation Editor will validate your script the same way it will play in the Load Agent.

    When debugging and editing Load Scripts in either tool, you may encounter playback errors. Sometimes the automatic transforming of browser navigations to raw HTTP load navigations does not work at first recording. You may be need to edit the navigations and/or create custom transforms rules so that future recordings will work without the editing.
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