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Creating shared directory on 8.5

694235 Member Posts: 16
edited Apr 2, 2009 9:36AM in QA/Testing
Hi guys,

I need to create a shared workspace on 8.5. I checked the instructions from the archived forum, but the file names seemed to have changed. Has anyone done this since Oracle took over?

Thanks a lot
-Paul B


  • IHodgetts
    IHodgetts Member Posts: 264
    We've recently moved to having OATS installed on a central server dedicated to load generation and the shared directory does work by editing the RSW.ini in the C:\WINDOWS directory on the client.

    e.g. The first two lines read as follows:


    You can also use a UNC path instead of a mapped drive letter (it doesn't appear to matter).

    HOWEVER - There appears to be a bug in v8.50 that affects the use of NavEd. Although you can load the scripts into NavEd, they will fail to run as there is an issue copying the files locally (I currently have an SR raised about this very issue). If you're only using OFT / OLT it's fine, it's just NavEd that has a problem.
  • 694235
    694235 Member Posts: 16
    Thanks IHodgetts,

    I've got the shared directory working fine now. It's a shame you can only open script files 1 level deep. We have a lot of scrpts and it's nice to organise them with folders. How are you guys organising your scripts or are you constantly changing your RSW file?
  • IHodgetts
    IHodgetts Member Posts: 264
    We've only recently started using OATS, so it's early days for us. However I was wondering how people actually use repositories. Am I correct in thinking these are only usable for OLT?

    I'm anticipating having to create a new repository (and modify the RSW.ini) for any major new performance projects and manually copy in the lastest copies of working scripts required. However that seems long-winded (I've probably missed the point).

    How do most people use this facility?
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