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Oracle Application Testing Suite with Applet

Renan Barbalho
Renan Barbalho Member Posts: 233
edited Apr 30, 2009 4:53AM in QA/Testing
Hello Guys,

I am wanting to use the Oracle Application Testing Suite to test an application that is made in applet is possible?
I tried to make a recording of a script but when I test road the script recorded the tool does the steps that I ran in my applet.

My Oracle Application Testing Suite is Version - 8.50.0260(IE8)




  • Alex
    Alex Member Posts: 799

    Unfortunately applet testing is not very well supported with OFT, you will need to make sure that under:

    Options -> Current Script -> Java Applet; the Sun Plugging Applet Support in enabled.

    There is a new module for Java Applets which will be realized for OpenScript but it wont be until version 9.1, which should be out at the end of the year.

    Also I can see that you are using IE 8 which is not supported in 8.50, you could try downgrading to IE7 or IE6.

    Support for IE8 is scheduled for the next realize 9.0.


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