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Do any versions of cx_Oracle work with oracle 10.1?

700084 Member Posts: 4
edited May 8, 2009 3:08PM in Python
Hey everyone,
I'm having problems using Python 2.5 to connect with an Oracle 10g (version I should mention that I'm on Windows XP.

I started out using the 10g version of cx_Oracle, but I was getting an "OCIClientVersion" error when trying to "import cx_Oracle" from the python interpreter.

Then based, on the advice here (, I switched to version 9i of cx_Oracle.

Now I'm getting the following error:

The procedure entry point OCINlsCharSetIdToName could not be located in the dynamic link library OCI.dll

Am I simply out of luck because I have a "limbo" version of Oracle (i.e. 10.1), or is there some way to fix this error and get things working?

As an aside, my Windows PATH does point to the Oracle DLLs (C:\Ora9i\bin).
If it helps, python is installed at C:\Program Files\Python25

Can anyone suggest a fix? I'd be indebted.



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