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How to capt the Value of Session Id [jsessionid] in a variable in e-tester

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We are facing a problem in the following scenario in e-testeer.

1. We had recorded two individual scripts in e-tester
a. Login Script of our application [ only login ] and
b. An Action Script which is DEPENDENT on the first script

We need to merge these two scipts in such a way, user would login through 1st script and then perform the action in 2nd script.

But there exists a dependency over session id on these actions.

Session ID generated in the first script needs to be used in the second script.

So the crux is we would like to know how to capture the session id generated in the LOGIN script and use it in the ACTION script in e-tester

Please provide a solution for our problem.


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  • Alex
    Alex Member Posts: 799

    These variables should automaticaly be handled by eLoad, but i have to admint that when something goes wrong is very difficult to debug.

    Have you tried using OpenScript for this task? its much easier to creat profiles and debug them, since you can run them in OpenScript before puting them in eload.


  • 679279
    679279 Member Posts: 61
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    how you are using the script ?
    means for functional tesing or load tesing.


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  • 700385
    700385 Member Posts: 2
    Hi All,

    I found the solution for the above problem!!!

    I used the 'GetCookies' and 'SetCookies' method of VBA for getting and setting the 'SessionID' across the scripts.
    Examples for 'GetCookies' and 'SetCookies' methods are available in etester help itself.

    We need to get the value of cookie from login script and need to store the value in a variable defined in a 'Shared Module'. Variable value stored in 'SharedModule' can be accessed across the scripts.

    Thanks a lot for your time.
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