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Getting problem at the time of playback the script for Web Application

700451 Member Posts: 72
edited May 15, 2009 7:59AM in QA/Testing
Hi ,
At the time of Playback script, if there is any external window in the form then at the time of playback it shows the result failed and Reason it showing is "Time Out after last event played".
I have checked by setting the Timeout option also. But still the script gets failed.

Can one suggest me the solution for this?


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    679279 Member Posts: 61
    edited May 15, 2009 6:23AM
    hi ,

    there is a way to record external window in OATS separately,
    for this
    go to functional UI

    *type in address bar C:\OracleATS\OFT\newwin.htm
    *start recording
    *it will show an small window to right nav.
    *Navigate the site to record pages.
    *Close the external window.
    Select Run -> Record -> Stop

    The recorded Visual Script will play back correctly.

    also you can get the address of external window by right click->properties->address.

    hope will help you


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  • 700451
    700451 Member Posts: 72
    What happend if few data would be fetched (in the external window) or linked with the previous form/screen. So, in that case these steps would not be applicable. I hope so, then what will be the procedure for recording
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