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help needed in e-tester 8.5 its very important now.

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i am using eteser 8.5......I need some clarifications on e-tester 8.5. we dont have any knowledge in earlier version i.e 8.4. While doing automation we are facing following problems pls share your info here. we were used QTP earlier but for our client request we are doing some R&D on e-tester.we are getting strucked in some areas.

we are able to achieve extensibility through following ways i.e
1) Insert Text matching test checkpoint
2) we are able add Test Scriplet to each page i.e after page/before page loading. after adding scriplet we are writing small funcions in that scriplet using "*VBSCript*" but sill we are not able to use full functionalities here like we are trying to connect to database using ADODB. but those methods are not supporting in Scriplet.
My Questions 1) Is there any alternate approch to connect to Database?
2) How can we implement External programming concept here?
3) Is there any alternative coding window other than Test Scriplet? If so Where exactly those are available in *8.4 and 8.5 versions*
4) In all Threads we came to know that 8.4 is using VBA and 8.5 does not have any such type of facility. in 8.4 where we use VBA coding pls show the navigation. Is it in Scriplet or some where else?

5) I want to Use this tool for automationg SAP application or . NET application do i need any seperate license or add-ins like QTP.

6) Is current 8.5 is feasable for full automation of a Webapplication. By using 8.5 version can we automate any of our cllent requirement.
7) how different 8.4 and 8.5 versions

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