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How to avoid validation while navigating to the next train station..11g u2

Muhammed Soyer
Muhammed Soyer Member Posts: 371
edited Jun 11, 2009 1:13PM in JDeveloper and ADF
I have a case where I use the same view object across the train stations while entering the data.
My problem is, when I click the Next button it gives an error saying that I am missing some of the mandatory fields that are exposed in the coming screens.

To make it more clear..

Say that I have an employee vo having (*id , name, surname, department, salary ..)

I create a train taskflow and create two page fragments one for entering id, name, surname and the second one is for department and salary.
When I try to navigate to the next train station after entering fields in the first one I get an error saying that "salary is missing" .

What should I do to postpone the model validation until I commit something?



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