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Multibyte characters from MS Access database

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edited Jul 8, 2009 11:11AM in SQL Developer

I am having trouble with multibyte data from Microsoft Access. The multibyte characters are displayed correctly for Oracle databases, but come as junk when data from Access database. The multibyte data is also imported as junk into Oracle through the Migration Wizard. The data is of course displayed correctly when the MDB file is opened in Access.

Does anyone know if multibyte data is supported in SQL Developer with Access?

My environment details:
- MS Windows XP Professional SP2
- MS Access 2003
- MDB file saved in Access 2000 format
- SQL Developer 1.5.4 with patch 2

Many thanks for any help.


  • 577857
    577857 Member Posts: 41
    If anyone from the product team frequents this forum, perhaps you can confirm whether or not mutibyte character set migrations from Access are supported? The documentation does not mentioned anything.

    Thank you.
  • Hello,

    all we know is that this should work. It worked already with the old standalone Oracle Migration Workbench.

    We would need your mdb file to investigate why it is not working. That can't be done through this channel. So please open a Service Request in My Oracle Support (former Metalink) so that we can assist you further.

    Best regards
    Wolfgang Kobarg-Sachsse
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