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Deploying SQLJ classes as Java Stored Procedures using JDeveloper 10g


I have defined a SQLJ class, MwaSqljDao.sqlj, in JDeveloper. When I right click on the SQLJ class and "make" the class. It appears to succeed.

However when I attempt to build the project in which the SQLJ class is a member of, a class that uses the SQLJ class has the following compile error:
- MwaSqljDao not found.

After a little digging it appears JDeveloper is able to compile the .sqlj file to a .java file in the classes output directory. However it does not take it to the next step of compiling the .java file into a .class file.

Is SQLJ still a main stream Oracle technology? Or has it been cast to way side to make way for other technology?

If SQLJ is still a supported Oracle technology how do go about compiling the SQLJ class using JDeveloper?

My goal is to deploy SQLJ into JServer as a Java Stored Procedure class.

Thank you,
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