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Problem while running Oracle Forms.

Nlatif-Oracle Member Posts: 183
edited Aug 13, 2009 1:21PM in Forms

When I try to run oracle 11g forms from developer of 11g . following is the condition occur on the browser
Image: !!

please if anyone can Guide.

Thanks ,


  • 527733
    527733 Member Posts: 1,022
    Can you provide us little more information.

    what is the OS.?

    Which port you are using to run the Form?

    In the image it still seems to load the page.

  • I am using
    Operating System = Windows XP
    Port = 5556

    In second image the URL is showing this port,, but after this no activity occur on the browser.

    Image: !!
  • 527733
    527733 Member Posts: 1,022

    the port which you have mentioned is it WLS_FORMS_PORT or any other.

    Try running default Forms port WLS_FORMS_PORT that will be 9001

    or check for the WLS_FORMS_PORT in the portlist.ini file.

    Also are you getting any exception in the Java console.?

  • 527733
    527733 Member Posts: 1,022
    edited Aug 13, 2009 3:30AM
    I hope, you must have checked/followed steps from this link

    Or the discussions from this groups threat for installing ..

  • Hi,

    Now the issue of port is resolve and the browser is running, but browser still not showing the form. The screen shot is attach with the email, which is showing the error. Kindly check this error and tell me the solution .

    Image: !!

  • 527733
    527733 Member Posts: 1,022
    edited Aug 13, 2009 1:21PM

    are you able to run test Form.?

    There are some mistakes which others have reported and also found some sort of solutions to it.Although not generic, but this looks similar to one of that.
    Pls check the following link


    Look for FRM-93550 and you will get some idea.

    Hope it helps..

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