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FRM-40512 Oracle error : unable to issue SAVEPOINT command

492334 Member Posts: 50
edited Aug 26, 2009 6:55AM in Forms
I am connect connect form 6i with oracle database 10g. at the time data entry of modification if due to any reason network connection get break. when i save record then it show given error.

FRM-40512 Oracle error : unable to issue SAVEPOINT command
when i re-login though button which is given in form and command as given below
LOGON('/',''||'@'||'database'); it open login screen. but when enter user Name,Password and press ok form get closed.
please help


  • Magoo
    Magoo Member Posts: 1,495
    May you try to open your form, compile all pl/sql (shift-ctrl-k) and compile the form (ctrl-t).

    Take a look at triggers like pre-insert, on-insert, post-insert and key-commit.
    What's happen there?

    I don't know, if the default username feature in 10g is still supported.
    So may the logon ( '/' ...) fails and for this the login screen os shown.

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