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Oracle Express Edition Question

707269 Member Posts: 11

Wondering if anyone could help me, I am doing an essay on the comparision of Oracle and Microsoft and i read on wikipedia that Oracle Express Edition is the Equivilant of Microsoft Access. Could anyone tell me whether this is true?

Thank you



  • Hans Forbrich
    Hans Forbrich Member Posts: 11,543 Gold Trophy
    I'd be careful with the term 'equivalent'. I'd also note that Express Edition has a large number of features and capabilities and the 'equivalence' is handled primarily by one of those features.

    Application Express (ApEx, formerly HTMLdb), is a feature that is included with ALL editions of the Oracle database, including XE. APEX was long considered an alternative to Microsoft Access in that both

    - are relatively easy to learn
    - include the database, the form and the reporting 'tools'
    - are geared towards 'super users'

    Beyond that, each has it's strengths and weaknesses.

    For departmental or corporate computing, the single biggest strength that XE and Apex brings is the ability to have multiple applications in a single centralized and professionally managed database engine. In many organizations, Access applications abound all over the place, there is often no security or backup, and the people who 'own' the application end up maintaining the app instead of doing other work they are paid for (often resulting in a job redefinition).

    SO in my opinion you should be chasing Apex if you want to compare Access to something in Oracle. (XE was created around the same time and is roughly equivalent to IBM's DB2-Express and SQL Server Express.)
  • rober584812
    rober584812 Member Posts: 481 Bronze Badge
    Hello, Oracle Database Express Edition is not the equivalent of Access, why?

    Oracle Database Express Edition is based on the core of Oracle Database 10g Release 2, therefore has the same architecture, performance, stability and many of the features of Oracle Database Standard Edition. Oracle Database is cross-platform, transactional, incorporating stored procedures, dispardores, packages, binary large objects stored in the database, flashback query, jobs, automatic memory management and statistics, multiversion consistency model and many other features that do not have Access, but if they are present in Oracle XE.

    Oracle's architecture is 100% different than even MS Access.
  • Funky
    Funky Member Posts: 1,967
    edited Nov 5, 2009 4:46PM
    MS access is flat file based database (like MySQL) and XE is much, much more then flat file based database...It has complex file structure (many files) as well huge dependencies among them. Not to mention read consistency and transaction isolation ... what is still major problem of My SQL and MS Access.

    Hope this helps...

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  • gerhard2001
    gerhard2001 Member Posts: 176 Bronze Badge

    I think the same as the others!

    You can't compare Oracle XE with MS Access! It's another world!

    I think MS Access was built for 'Single User'!
    Using Ms Access is quit easier. But the question is, what you expecting from a database?

    With the use of MS Access you will reach shortly limits!

    If you look for alternatives to Oracle XE you should inform you about PostgrSQL.
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