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corrupted indexes



  • userxyz1234
    userxyz1234 Member Posts: 146
    edited Jun 16, 2010 5:04AM
  • Hemant K Chitale
    Hemant K Chitale Oracle DBA OCP OCE SingaporeMember Posts: 15,759 Blue Diamond
    UPDATE BY HEMANT K CHITALE (the same person !)

    I understand that Burleson has quoted this posting of mine, quite out of context at in his article on [Online Index Rebuilding.|]

    NOTE : I do not recommend rebuilding of ALL indexes weekly. This was a specific table (and I have identified only three such likely tables in a database of thousands of tables) that may require : Preferably a COALECE (as adviced by Jonathan Lewis) -- if I can get the code changed !! -- or, as the second best option, a regular REBUILD.

    The behaviour described in Oracle Bug#6447841 matches what I have seen. This is [clear later in this same thread|]

    Here are two postings on my blog where I discuss Rebuilding Indexes -- in general, not relating to the behaviour described in Bug 6447841.

    [1. Rebuilding Indexes|]
    [2. Rebuilding Indexes - When and Why ?|]

    Hemant K Chitale
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