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MS Access 07 ODBC Oracle 10g Express

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edited Nov 6, 2009 1:20PM in ODBC
Hi guys, spend a lot of time searching forums on how to connect Oracle with ODBC from Access and I am having trouble connecting.
Oracle 10g Express installed locally with static IP with system name AnabolicPC but oracle control database html links to which works fine (loopback address)

So here's what I do:
Open Access 07, btw Oracle 10g Express running and I can login and type commands in SQL Worksheet no probs.
After that I click on External Data in Access then more>ODBC Database>Link to Data Source by creating a linked table (have to click that, part of a tutorial I have to do at uni)> click OK and
Select Data Source appears>then I select Machine Data Source> New> System Data Source> then from the list I select Oracle in XE> Next> Finish> Now I checked tnsnames.ora and XE seems right:
XE =
(ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = AnabolicPC)(PORT = 1521))
But I cannot connect to it, I consulted ODBC Oracle help and followed instructions but still doesn't work. Vista x64 btw. The error I get is ODBC call failed.
Any help would be appreciated. Can't make any sense of other posts. I'm a newbie so step by step solution would be great.

Thank you in advance


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    Hi George,

    I'm having a similar problem on a Windows Server 2003 64-bit. I didn't realize the Oracle 10g Express had a 64-bit version to go with your Vista x64. I would recommend using the Standard 64-bit Oracle client instead of the Express Edition client - which I believe is 32-bit.

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    730054 Member Posts: 9
    I much prefer going for express edition. I found a workaround with 64-bit OSes:

    1) Use 64-bit ODBC drivers or

    2) Follow this link which gives you detailed steps on how to do it with InstantClient

    Thank you anyways
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