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MS Access 07 ODBC Oracle - tables missing

730054 Member Posts: 9
edited Nov 24, 2009 6:47AM in ODBC
Hi, I'm facing a bit of a problem.

I connected Oracle 10g express with MS Access 07 using ODBC and most of the tables I want are simply missing.

When I use EMS Manager 2008 for Oracle everything is visible. Tried disconnecting EMS from oracle still the same. Used InstantClient, default ODBC driver and Microsoft ODBC for oracle and all do the same thing.

Windows x64 btw, it used to work fine. Recently I installed MySQL and its essentials and odbc drivers x86 and x64. Don't know if it matters, I just thought I let you know.

Any help would be appreciated



  • JustinCave
    JustinCave Member Posts: 30,293 Gold Crown
    Is there anything about the table that is special? Is it a synonym? A materialized view? A table owned by a different user?

  • 730054
    730054 Member Posts: 9
    I created the tables using EMS Manager 2008. Don't know what's a synonym, definitely not a view and the table is owned by system, the user I log with.
    I uploaded an image of that shows tables from system (order, orderdetails, posts and users) and from XDB (Folder103_TAB) which is visible to access. That's the only difference I can see.
    When I use folder properties by right clicking, everything is identical.

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