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How to install J2EE on a windows machine

934367 Member Posts: 1
I am following the oracle tutorial on how to use JMS, as I am learning it, but I am having problem with J2EE. I downloaded j2ee with sdk and installed it and it gives me an unsupported platform error.

I am running 64bit Windows 7 which is supported. I can anyone help me figure out what is going on?



  • gimbal2
    gimbal2 Member Posts: 11,949 Gold Trophy
    You cannot download "J2EE" as it is a specification, not an application. The "JEE SDK" you are referring to is just one of Oracle's confusing bundle downloads.

    What you're talking about is the Glassfish server which delivers an implementation of the JEE 6 specification. There are many alternatives to Glassfish out there though, including JBoss, Oracle Weblogic, IBM Websphere, Apache Geronimo and more. If you must go down the Glassfish path (which is recommended if you follow some tutorial, but I wouldn't recommend following a tutorial if you intend to learn this highly complicated material) then don't mess with the "JEE SDK"; take control and install the stuff separately which is hardly rocket science. Install the latest JDK 6 release and install the latest Glassfish from here:

    Be sure to pick downloads that match your CPU architecture.
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