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Ora-06413 only with asp.mvc 4

997484 Member Posts: 2
edited Mar 18, 2013 10:09AM in Oracle Provider for OLE DB
Hi, I have an issue with my OleDbConnection.
First I have 8.1.7 Client because i need it to connect to an Oracle 8 database.
Today I'm using this code to connect to an other database running on version 11.

OleDbConnection c = new OleDbConnection("Provider=msdaora; Data Source=**** user id=****; password=****;");
catch (Exception e)

This is working fine on a Console application although sending Ora-06413 on ASP.MVC 4

Thank you !


  • Tridus
    Tridus Member Posts: 594 Silver Badge
    If you do a search for Ora-06413, there are lots of potential causes and solutions, including some really odd things like running from a location with parenthesis in the path breaking it.

    That said, the easiest way to fix any problem connecting with .net to Oracle 11 is to not use such an insanely out of date client version. Then you'd also be able to use the .net classes for connections instead of the obsolete msdaora provider (which is built on an Oracle 7 interface).

    If you can't install another client for some reason due to fear about the old 8 client being messed up, try the managed provider beta. That doesn't require installation and plays nice with other clients.
  • 997484
    997484 Member Posts: 2
    I will try ODP managed.
    However i can't understand why it's working fine on a console application and in the same time not working with asp mvc 4 applciation.
    Any ideas ?
  • Tridus
    Tridus Member Posts: 594 Silver Badge
    Could be all kinds of things. I mentioned the paraenthis bug as one potential one. If your MVC app is running in 64 bit (the default on a 64 bit OS), there is no msdaora provider in 64 bit at all. Microsoft discontinued it. Doing a search for that error gives a huge list of potential reasons. At the end of the day it could just be something internal that MVC is trying to do that a driver that old doesn't properly support.
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