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Latest APEX listener for WLS on AIX

Patrice Boivin
Patrice Boivin Member Posts: 53

Has anyone managed to make the APEX listener for WLS work on AIX 6.1?

I keep getting HTTP 503.

I then tried different connection settings to connect to the (remote) database ("basic", "tns") but neither seems to work, nothing ever appears in the remote server's listener.log file.

I am assuming here that by going to http://hostname:9004/apex/ that should take me to the login page, which has to connect to the remote (repository) database.

http://hostname:9004/apex/listenerStatus returns 503, as does every other apes page URL.

Note that instead of port 8080 my WLS is configured to use port 9004 for the APEX_LSNR container I used to deploy apex.war and i.war.

/i/ is working at first glance, I can produce the oracle icon by pointing to it in a URL.

I am wondering though, is it possible that some subdirectories are missing from the images folder for Oracle rdbms 11.2?  I am wondering if there are better places to use to build the i.war file.



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