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Personalizations with Create Item and Item Style "Pop Up"?

User301384 Member Posts: 14
edited Dec 9, 2013 4:35PM in JDeveloper and ADF

Can anyone provide me an example of how to create a simple pop up message?  I would attempt to create this with Oracle Personalizations -> Create Item -> Item Style "Pop Up".

I attempted to create the pop up message but am not successful.

Any guidenace would be greatly appreciated.




  • Timo Hahn
    Timo Hahn Senior Principal Technical Consultant - Oracle ACE Director Member, Moderator Posts: 38,902 Red Diamond

    User, I don't get your question.  Can you elaborate on your user case? 

    Which jdev version do you use?

    Which technology you try to use?


  • Frank Nimphius-Oracle
    Frank Nimphius-Oracle Member Posts: 29,689 Bronze Badge

    I don't think this question has to do with regular JDeveloper or ADF and assume this question to be Applications related, in which case this is the wrong forum


  • User301384
    User301384 Member Posts: 14

    Hi Timo,

    My question is related to personalizations in Oracle Self Service pages,  Currently I am on Oracle APPS R.12.1.3.

    The Self Service pages are associated to a VIEW OBJECT that is either copied from Oracle seeded VOs or created and/or modified in JAVA.

    You can also perform a "Personalization" within the form and by pass making updates in JAVA.  This option is available in any self-service screen, top right corner labeled "Personalize Page".  Once you select "Personalize Page, there is a option called "Create Item" that will allow you to create a new column or custom action.

    My request is simply to understand how to utilize the seeded "Create Item" and within this function "Pop Up" in order for a page or message to appear immediately after for example the user select a button or enters data into a field. 

    Not sure if I can perform this within a "Personlization" or is updating the underlining View Object or Controller class is required.

    Thank you and I appreciate any guidance you can provide.


  • User301384
    User301384 Member Posts: 14

    Hi Frank,

    Please review my reply to Timo.

    Thank you,


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