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APEX_UTIL.IR_FILTER button/textbox help

Doolius Member Posts: 115
edited Mar 10, 2014 11:04AM in APEX Discussions

I have created a button (PCFN_SEARCH) and a textbox (PCFN_VALUES) in the region of one of my interactive report pages.

I want the user to be able to type in multiple values, separated by commas, and press the PCFN_SEARCH button and basically do the same thing the Filter would do with the 'IN' operator.

I've created a dynamic action, on click, with the following PL/SQL code:



        p_page_id        => 10,

        p_report_column  => 'PCFN',

        p_operator_abbr  => 'C',

        p_filter_value   => 'PCFN_VALUES',

        p_report_alias   => '000001'



This code does not work (which I kind of assumed that it wouldn't) my PL/SQL knowledge is not very high so any help is appreciated.



  • Hi Doolius,

    Rather then writing a PL/SQL dynamic action, have you considered using an url redirect?

    See this blog post for example:



  • Doolius
    Doolius Member Posts: 115


    If I understood the "Linking to Interactive Reports" section of that it seemed like I would have to know what the user will be wanting to search for because of the examples:


    The previous example is equivalent to the end user creating a filter on the target page: ENAME = KING. Note that when an operatory is not provided, EQ is used because it is the default.


    The previous example is equilavent to the user creating a filter on the target page: SAL > 3000.

    If this is the case, it is not what I am looking for. I will not know what the user wants to search for. I was able to automatically display the "Filter" box (located in the actions dropdown) on page load with the below code but do not know how to automatically set the operator to "in" as well.

    javascript: gReport.dialog2('SHOW_FILTER');

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