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Getting Packaged Application

Glen Palmer
Glen Palmer Member Posts: 84 Blue Ribbon
edited Mar 26, 2014 2:16PM in Packaged Applications

Hi Guys,

Wow things have changed here in the forums since i was last here!!

Anyway, just a quick one really...........does anyone know where i can still download the packaged applications which no longer appear on the APEX pages under the latest version?

I've downloaded and installed the numerous current 'Sample' applications which are great for demonstrating specific features, but i really did like the older versions of the full applications.  I completely understand why they are perhaps no longer relevant given the changes and new functionality in APEX, but as someone who likes to play around in APEX and build apps for my own use, these packaged applications where a source of inspiration.  I often used the applications to help and better understand page layouts for example, or used them to build on my skills with workflow within my applications and navigation between pages etc.

Anyway, would love to see them come back (I know Oracle say they are currently being updated) but the old ones in the mean time would really help some of us out i think.




  • jwellsnh
    jwellsnh Member Posts: 1,816 Silver Trophy
    edited Jan 29, 2014 3:47PM


    Checkout this thread; they still appear to be alive and well overseas.


  • Glen,

    You're right, the "sample" packaged applications are generally designed to demonstrate one specific aspect of APEX functionality, rather than serving as examples of fully-functional applications. But we do also have a suite of packaged applications (the ones that don't have "Sample" in the title) which are intended to be fully functional applications; if you're looking for inspiration, you can install those, unlock them, and then open them up in the builder to see how we've done things.

    A few things to note:

    • Some of the applications are significantly more complicated than others. P-Track is one of the biggest; Checklist Manager is much smaller. Choose accordingly.
    • Once you unlock an application, you cannot "re-lock" it, and will not be able to install any updates released in the future, since we have no way of identifying what changes you have made, and whether they should be kept or not. But if you're just looking to see how we built the application, this shouldn't be an issue.
    • For the sample applications, we tried to keep the examples small and easy to follow/duplicate. For the "productivity" applications, our focus has been on creating fully functional, powerful, clean user interface experiences, so some parts of the applications are going to be significantly more complex--multiple cascading dynamic actions, etc.

    Hope that helps,


  • msladic
    msladic Member Posts: 17
    edited Mar 26, 2014 2:59PM

    Where do we get installer files for those Packaged Apps, and instructions on how to install them? I tried importing on my XE 11g R2 Apex, and get an error that the script install_packaged_apps.sql is bigger than 32 K.

    By the way, thanks Jeff for the link - at least now I can import one by one those apps that I need.

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