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Allowing jnlp via deployment rule set

tevans Member Posts: 1
edited May 31, 2014 8:23AM in Java Web Start & JNLP


In our network, we use a deployment rule set to only allow applets that we deem necessary, and all others are blocked.  This has been working fine.  However recently I've been asked to add a website to the allowed list.  This website downloads a jnlp file, then launches the jnlp locally, and is blocked every time.  Now I'm not that well versed in java applets.  But I've added the website address that this applet calls too, and have had no luck with this running.  Everything I've tried has not worked.

This is a snippet of the ruleset.xml

<id location="" /> <!-- Assessor Online Class -->
<action permission="run" />


The java console has not been helpful, as the application is blocked before java even starts...after the jnlp verifies, it blocks the application due to the ruleset.  How can i set this ruleset up so that this jnlp is allowed to run?


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