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Skillbuilders Modal plugin popup issue

MM2587 Member Posts: 42 Blue Ribbon
edited Jun 19, 2014 11:44AM in APEX Discussions

Hi, i'm new to oracle apex and i've created a popup using the skillbuilders modal plugin. The issue i am facing is when i click on the region button the popup launches fine but after filling the data and submitting it the popup is not closing and instead it is showing the targeted page data within the popup. I don't know where i am doing wrong. I tried with the solutions provided in the forum but none of the solutions helped me to resolve my issue.

Also i am trying to make the popup responsive but i am not able to do so. Kindly need your guidance in solving the above two issues.

Dave SkillBuilders


  • Greg Jarmiolowski
    Greg Jarmiolowski Member Posts: 380 Bronze Badge

    Hi 77afe..... Please change your profile to include your name.

    "showing the targeted page data"

    By this do you mean that it redirects back to the same page or another? Step one in getting this to work is to make sure it redirects back to itself. So if the modal window is page 10, have page 10 redirect t page 10.

    Second, it needs to have a success message. In the Branch you can check a box to include this.

    Third, you need to  configure the modal plugin to know how to find this success message. The attribute "Auto-close On Element Selector" needs to be setup to use a JQuery selector for the success message. You can find this in the page template section for success message but in most modern themes it is #uSuccessMessage.

    Please check these 3 and see if that works for you.

    Regarding "responsive" I am not sure what you are looking for. The modal is based on the JQuery plugin Colorbox though so you might be able to find some more advanced usage options if you include this in your research. If you are having trouble making it auto-size based on contents then the answer is typically found in the page template you use for the modal page. In modern themes I have found that there is a second column defined in the template that should be removed or otherwise reduced in size.


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    Dave SkillBuilders
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