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Subprojects in Studio12.4?

user9375843 Member Posts: 13 Red Ribbon

Sorry if this is a duplicate, but I don't see my previous post.

Given a fair sized application suite (1M loc, couple of different languages), a half dozen or so libraries and at least as many application programs. How ought one construct a managed project so that:

1)  A change to any library code triggers all of the dependent applications to be rebuilt

2)  make clean, make install, etc. do the right things and trigger all of the appropriate builds?

It seems "obvious" that each library would be a project (shared or static as appropriate). That each application should be dependent on the appropriate libraries (although just listing the .so's doesn't seem to cause the dependency that I'd have expected). A previous release discussion in another group referred to a tutorial which seemed apt, but I can't find it in the 12.4 documentation.

How can one best express one project being dependent on another (short of hand crafting the makefiles ;>).

Many thanks, in advance.


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