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Web Start app icons on Mac with Oracle Java not working

jlanawalt Member Posts: 41
edited Jun 16, 2015 10:07AM in Java Web Start & JNLP


Our Java Web Start app icon on the desktop shortcut is the default Java coffee cup icon on Mac OS X 10.7 or later using Oracle Java 7 or later. On the Apple provided Java 6 the desktop shortcut icons worked. We've tried changing the icon file type and other settings we can find on the web for the JNLP file but we're not finding other people talking about this so maybe we're just doing it wrong. The trouble is, we don't seem to have the right search terms to find out how to fix it or if it's working or not for others. One interesting thing we've noticed is that if we make a second shortcut to the app, the shortcut has the right icon. Also if we go to Get Information for the web start app and on the General tab click Locked our icon appears. Finally, the App folder/bundle created by Java shows the right icon. It is just the desktop shortcut it creates that isn't working.

Is the desktop app shortcut icon showing the default Java icon on Oracle Java on Mac OS X a known issue or does it work for others and we're just doing it wrong?

If it's a known issue, I would appreciate a link since I'm not finding it.

If it works for others I would like to trouble-shoot our settings.

Thank you,




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