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screen freezes upon calling export pivot data.

810582 Member Posts: 63
edited Jun 24, 2015 6:13AM in JDeveloper and ADF

I'm a newbie to ADF and im having issues while extracting pivot table data.

1. Create a VO with a bind variable.

2. Drag and drop execute with params to the page.

3. Drag and drop data control as pivot table to the page.

4. Add below code in the jsf source above the pivot table

<af:commandButton text="Export To Excel" immediate="true" id="cb1">

                                <dvt:exportPivotTableData type="excelHTML" exportedId="pt2"

                                                          filename="updated_export.xls" title="PivotTable export"/>


5. Run the jsf page.

6. Click on export to excel button, excel gets generated but the screen hangs. user has to forcefully refresh the screen.

Any workarond present for this issue?

Jdev version:12.1.3

Ashish Awasthinitesh KFlorin Marcus

Best Answer

  • Gabriel Sideras
    Gabriel Sideras Member Posts: 365 Bronze Badge
    edited Jun 24, 2015 4:21AM Answer ✓


    There is a related bug listed in Oracle Support (Bug 19524936 : AFTER EXPORTING PIVOT TABLE TO EXCEL, SCREEN FREEZES)

    Apply the related patch (Patch 19524936: AFTER EXPORTING PIVOT TABLE TO EXCEL, SCREEN FREEZES) and try again.

    Ashish Awasthi


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