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MySQL Enterprise Cluster Issues after Network Gateway Change

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edited Feb 15, 2017 8:54AM in MySQL Community Space

Recently we had to change the network gateway for our 2 node MySQL cluster running on top of Oracle Grid (RHEL). None of the IPs changed. We noted the following behavior:

1) Once the change was made on the network, we could access the cluster successfully but we were unable to access the servers directly.

2) Once we updated the default Gateway on each of the two nodes under /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts the reverse became true. We were able to access the nodes individually but the cluster was no longer accessible.

We restarted the cluster and the network on both of the nodes and no change was noted. After being unable to locate any other location with either the old or new gateway configured, we are stuck. Current systems are accessing the active node but if it goes down, our system will fail as they will be unable to switch over.  We are looking for guidance to resolve this issue so that we can restore the cluster to full operations.