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SAMLv2 signed metadata signature verification fails with latest JDK

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edited Mar 21, 2017 4:59AM in Java User Groups Discussions

Signature verification of SAMLv2 metadata is failing with following error message:

ion: Cannot resolve element with ID sa93716b9ce3ed85c4be407064b7de77f39e5bb6c_01


This was working with JDK 1.6.

But now after moving to JDK 1.7 it started failing.

I have gone through following URL:

I have tried point #2 (Register the ID elements) in my application, still facing issue.

Please let me know if any thing I am missing or any pointer.


  • karianna
    karianna Member Posts: 205 Blue Ribbon
    edited Mar 21, 2017 4:59AM

    This probably needs to be moved to the JaaS commmunity.

    I'd also probably try the 3rd option:

    Implement a custom URIDereferencer which can find these references and override the builtin URIDereferencer with the DOMValidateContext.setURIDereferencer method.