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Scrolling table to bottom after data refreshed jdev 12.2.12

LCabaco Member Posts: 66
edited Apr 5, 2017 6:03AM in JDeveloper and ADF

Hello guys,

I'm trying to find a way to have a a scrolled table always at the bottom, and i can't find a way to implement this.

My case scenario is simple:

- I have a shop cart table, where the articles are added in ascending order , so the newest added is at the bottom of the table.

- After the article is added, and the table refreshed i need the scroll to be at the bottom so i can instantly see my lastest added article.

I've tried to use 'scrollComponentIntoViewBehavior' but without success, since i need the article ID for this.



  • SanjeevChauhan
    SanjeevChauhan Member Posts: 1,554 Gold Trophy
    edited Apr 4, 2017 2:09PM

    I think you just need to install row at the last in VO and everything will start working.

    ADF Tips and Tricks: Insert new row at the end of an ADF Table



  • LCabaco
    LCabaco Member Posts: 66
    edited Apr 5, 2017 6:03AM

    Hello Sanjeev,

    Thanks for your answer.

    I'm consuming a webservice to get my table data.

    Every time i add an article, i make two requests to services : one to add article, another to retrieve the updated list.

    This makes the table to get the scroll back to top again.

    I managed to find a solution with Javascript, from a button click. This is working, but the problem is that i need this to be triggered after the table gets rendered

    and i cant do a client listener of type "load" on the table.

    How can i trigger something (like a java method, or a client listener) for when the table gets updated ?

    This way i would call my javascript method there.

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