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Does APEX 5.x needs ORDS to create REST webservices?

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I've installed APEX 5. I've created a restful service and a restful module name. I've created also a sample GET handler. The problem is that I don't see any TEST or RUN button for me to test the service.

Do I need ORDS to create webservices in APEX?

What's the default URL to access a webservice?





  • Pavel_p
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    yes. You need ORDS either as a standalone application (not recommended for production systems) or deployed to one of the three application servers (TomCat, Glassfish, Weblogic). Once you have it up and running, you'll be able to test your web services and you'll see the service's URL (only for the GET method though, but you'll be able to simply modify the URL for other endpoints).



  • 991374
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    And ... is it free to use as Oracle APEX (if you have a DB license) ?

  • Hilary Farrell-Oracle
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    Hi N,

    Do I need ORDS to create webservices in APEX?

    Yes - your APEX instance must be configured with ORDS in order to use the RESTful Services component in APEX.  You will need to ensure that you have followed all of the necessary installation instructions, as outlined in the Installation Guide:  Once ORDS has been configured, you should then be able to see the 'Test' button in RESTful Services.  The option is only ever visible when ORDS is configured.  Once you've completed the configuration steps, then I recommend installing the Sample RESTful Service, and try testing that out.  That will help to identify what your default URLs will look like:


    The URL will include a workspace prefix, that's unique to your workspace.  For example, running the 'employees' Handler in the sample will result in a URL similar to the following:


    So just ensure you've followed all the necessary installation steps, and you should be back in business.



  • Pavel_p
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    Yes, it's free but it also depends on your deployment scenario. If you decide to deploy ORDS to a Weblogic server, you'll have to have a valid license for WLS. Tomcat and Glassfish are free. So with 11g XE you have a complete development/testing/production environment for free (as long as you fit into XE limitations).

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