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ESBC VM Media interfaces Ip address loose mac address in ARP Table since moved from Cisco Nexus1000v

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edited Apr 12, 2018 8:10PM in Networking


After a change of our ESBC Virtual Edition VMware interfaces from Cisco Nexus1000v to VMware VDS , we are loosing the MAC address  of our Media interface gateway IP in the ARP table of the SBC. The solution so far as been a shut/no shut of the interface or reboot. I know I could force the Mac but I don't think its a good practice.

We never had the issue with the nexus 1000v. Is there a special parameter(s) config in the VMWare VDS  to allow normal ARP request from the SBC to the L3  VIP interface of our HSRP ?

I have Acme net-net 3820 appliances and they are pointing towards the same HSRP VIP IP and they have no issues . Thus, I suspect the VDS config unless...

Thank you for your assistance!


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