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refresh a value of a field in form based on other fields in the form - ADF

User_1KZ3N Member Posts: 31 Red Ribbon
edited Aug 17, 2018 8:59AM in JDeveloper and ADF

Hi Guys,

i want to refresh the value of the field based on the other fields in the form.

I have performed the following steps but didn't helped. kindly suggest.

1. updated the attribute in the VO with Expression

if (CustNum != null)


return 'Y';




return 'N';



2. set autosubmit for CustNum filed & partial trigger for other field.

i didn't see value is getting refreshed.


use case:

I have a form, which will insert a data into the table on click of the submit button.

Table have some customer related records.

For Example:

Table fields/ form inputs

cust_id (user editable field)

Cust_Name (user editable field)

Cust_department (user editable field)

Is_Cust_Active (not user editable field)

if user enter value for cust_id & Cust_Name , then Is_cust_active field has to auto populate with Y else it has to auto poupulate with N

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Best Answer

  • Cvele_new_account
    Cvele_new_account Member Posts: 4,810 Bronze Crown
    edited Aug 9, 2018 2:17PM Accepted Answer

    Generate java class file for ViewRoeImpl.

    Then, in the setters of cust_id & Cust_Name, write following code

    public void setXXX(... value){   setAttributeInternal(...);   if (value != null && getCust_Name() != null) // ..or getCust_ID() != null, ajdust that for specific setter      setIs_cust_active("Y");    else     setIs_cust_active("N");}


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