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Locating MySQL Workbench "EE" download

thagg Member Posts: 1
edited Sep 18, 2018 4:20PM in MySQL Community Space

I have an authorized login to Oracle MySQL support. Pages that reference the Enterprise Edition of Workbench ( or ) point to visiting the "Customer Download »  (Select Patches & Updates Tab, Product Search)." Once I visit there and search for MySQL Workbench items, none of the returned pages seem to designate if the Workbench download version is CE, SE, or EE versions (Community Edition, Standard Edition, or Enterprise Edition) and this is making it very difficult to locate. The "Features Page" at  compares all three editions and the related features with each.

Maybe there is a better approach or one that I am completely overlooking. Anyone with guidance for my issue will be warmly welcomed.

Thank you!

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