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OpenScript think (10.0); times are not working when using command line

Mark Morrill-Oracle
Mark Morrill-Oracle Member Posts: 2
edited Nov 28, 2018 4:10PM in QA/Testing

I have OpenScript scripts within OATS that use delays by setting up "think (10.0);".  This works great within the OpenScript UI.  The scripts pass and the delays work correctly.  But when I run the same scripts from command line, the scripts don't delay which causes issues.  Why doesn't the think (10.0); commands work when I run the scripts from command line?

Screen shot from the OpenScript UI showing the think times and looking at the Time Stamp columns we can see that it is delaying correctly. 


Screen shot below is from the OpenScript UI showing the same script after running it from the Command Line.


I am using:

Version: Build 262

Deepu Muraleedharan


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