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af:inputDate display popup is not coming for ADF after defining converter.

Amit K Misra-Oracle
Amit K Misra-Oracle Member Posts: 27 Employee

Hi All,

I had create a af:inputDate componenet and used converter tag inside it which is already registered in faces-config.xml.

But as soon as i used converter tag af:inputDate display popup to choose date stop coming.

<af:inputDate label="Label 1" id="id1" converter="CustomConverter"/>

I am getting below client side error in browser using inspect element.

Error :-

date-51ldtv.js:160 Uncaught ReferenceError: TrDateTimeConverter is not defined

    at Function.AdfDhtmlInputDatePeer._getISOStandardConverter (date-51ldtv.js:160)

    at Object.AdfDhtmlInputDatePeer._updateChooseDateExpandos (date-51ldtv.js:151)

    at Object.AdfDhtmlInputDatePeer._showPopup (date-51ldtv.js:149)

    at Object.AdfDhtmlInputDatePeer._handleChooseDatePopupLaunch (date-51ldtv.js:145)

    at Object.AdfDhtmlInputDatePeer.HandleComponentClick (date-51ldtv.js:134)

    at Object.AdfRichUIPeer.DispatchComponentEvent (core-xty4fu.js:647)

    at Object.AdfUIComponent._deliverEvent (core-xty4fu.js:223)

    at Object.AdfUIComponent.broadcast (core-xty4fu.js:220)

    at AdfDhtmlPage._deliverQueuedEvents (boot-90btl4.js:464)

    at AdfDhtmlPage._deliverAllQueuedEvents (boot-90btl4.js:463)

It looks like jdveloper product bug.If any one knows solution please suggest.