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Connection String. Idle Timeout, Command Timeout,

dotnetuser Member Posts: 6
edited January 2020 in ODP.NET


Let's compare oracle and npgsql settings



<strong>Connection Lifetime vs Connection Idle Lifetime</strong><br/><br/>

Connection Lifetime (oracle)<br/>

Maximum life time (in seconds) of the connection.

Connection Idle Lifetime (npgsql)
The time (in seconds) to wait before closing idle connections in the pool if the count of all connections exceeds Minimum Pool Size. Since 3.1 only.

In the case of npgsql, it is clear what and why.
There is a similar parameter in oracle, but it doesn’t work like that, you need a game with the pool regulator setting in order to add a similar result.

2. Command Timeout

In oracle, there is no such parameter in the connection string, only the class has it.
BUT, if you look at the library code, then it’s clear that this setting creates a timer that dies after a certain step of command execution and there’s little sense in it.



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