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Migration and upgrade to 19c from on new server with SLES 15 SP1

sssp Member Posts: 22
edited May 19, 2020 1:07AM in Database Upgrade

Hi All,


In our SAP Landscape environment, business decided to upgrade to 19c on SLES 15 onto a new server from Oracle which are running on SLES 11 SP3/SP4. Would like know from experts about the Migration and upgrade approach.

Source DB: Oracle

Source OS : SLES 11 SP3/SP4

New Server:

Target DB : Oracle

Target OS: SLES 15 SP1.

Our proposed Plans are :

1) R3load utility by SAP  (it's time taking process)

2) RMAN incremental Backups

     -     On target server  SLES 15 SP1  OS (new), install Oracle 19c GRID/RDBMS binaries

     -     Perform Pre upgrade checks on Source Database ( by using 19c preupgrade check scripts

     -     Take RMAN incremental backups and restore into target database 19c

     -     Apply archive logs till the time of  Upgrade window time

     -     start the database in 'startup upgrade' mode in target server (19c)

     -     Run the with catupgrade.sql

     -     Perform the postpatch scripts.

3) Using Physical standby database

     -     Configure the Physical standby database on Target server with compatibility as (as source)

     -     sync the standby database

     -     during upgrade window, break the sync

     -     Enable flashback and Create a guaranteed restore point

     -     Convert physical standby into primary

     -     Restart DB in upgrade mode (read write)

     -     Execute catupgrd.sql in the server (took 50 Mins)

     -     Start the DB with normal startup command (open mode)

     -     Check for invalid objects

     -     Execute utlrp.sql

     -     Verify Invalid objects

     -     Check the DB version and components as well

     -     Change compatibility parameter to

Need your advice/suggestions for below points as well.

Is 2 & 3 are the right approaches to follow the Upgrade procedure either in Oracle or SAP?

Is it possible to use or when there is no source DB and Home available in new target server? (i.e to set the SOURCE HOME directory)

Only Manual upgrade is the option in this scenario? If so, could you please share the link or Note for manual upgrade steps. I will also search for the same).

Thanks in advance for your time and help.




  • Daniel Overby Hansen-Oracle
    Daniel Overby Hansen-Oracle Posts: 93 Employee
    edited May 19, 2020 1:07AM

    I would definitely go with option #3. It is the easiest and the one with the least down time. I would suggest that you use AutoUpgrade to do the upgrade instead of the manual upgrade. It is easier and it does support having source Oracle Home and target Oracle Home on two different servers. Take a look at the Database Upgrade Quick Start Guide which shows how to get started with the tool. In your case you would execute "analyze" and "fixups" mode on the source system and wait for the changes to be applied on the standby. Then you break the connection and you can eventually do the upgrade using the "upgrade" mode. In your configuration file instead of specifying a "target_home" you should specify "target_version" instead.