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Srvctl start fails for one node due to invalid username / password.

User_PVGP0 Member Posts: 6 Red Ribbon
edited Jun 17, 2020 1:30PM in Database Upgrade

Release 19.0.0


I'm getting the following error on one node of a 2 node rac.

srvctl start database -db abccdb

CRS-5017: The resource action "ora.abccdb.db start" encountered the following error:

ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied

/apps/oracle/product/19.0.0/db/bin> srvctl status database -db abccdb

Instance abccdb1 is not running on node db1-1

Instance abccdb2 is running on node db1-2

Changed the password for sys on node 1 using the orapwd utility as well as in the database.

orapwd file=/apps/oracle/product/19.0.0/db/dbs/orapwabccdb password=<newpassword>

./srvctl config database -db abccdb

Database unique name: abccdb

Database name:

Oracle home: /apps/oracle/product/19.0.0/db

Oracle user: oracle

Spfile: +DATA/ABCCDB/PARAMETERFILE/spfile.1610.1043254455

Password file: /apps/oracle/product/12.1.0/db/dbs/orapwabccdb

note that the password file is pointing to  12.1 home in srvctl. I copied the new  password file to 12.1 home , but still no luck.

any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.