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Migrating Oracle 9i release production to SQL server 2019

User_Z74AM Member Posts: 3

Hi All,

  1. i have an oracle 9i and needs to migrate it to SQL server 2019.
  2. I can access the database as a admin but when i try to export the database and tries to login to Oracle management server it says invalid credentials.
  3. i was thinking to upgrade it but due to security reasons i am not allowed to access internet.

Can anyone please help me or can show me a way out.



  • EdStevens-OC
    EdStevens-OC Member Posts: 55 Silver Trophy

    Can you debug code that you cannot see?

    What, exactly, do you mean by "oracle management server"? Exactly how are you trying to log in to it?

    Exactly what are you expecting to 'export', such that it can be migrated to SQL Server?

  • User_Z74AM
    User_Z74AM Member Posts: 3

    Hi Ed,

    I am new to database migrations and my company recently decided to get rid of their old infrastructure.

    1. no i cant debug the code.
    2. when i try to export or backup i give me the error login to OMS. Screen shot is attached.
    3. If there is a way where i can migrate the oracle 9i to upgraded version and then migrate it from intermediate database to SQL server 2019.


  • EdStevens
    EdStevens Member Posts: 28,025 Gold Crown

    Ok, first off, the tool you are using is "SQL Developer".

    It appears that you are trying to connect to Oracle Management Server, which I'm guessing from my quick google search is the interface to a database on Oracle's Cloud service. I have no experience with Oracle Cloud (other than a semi-annual email from the latest market rep trying to sell it to me) but when I googled "connect oracle sql developer to OMS" I got several promising hits.

  • JohnWatson2
    JohnWatson2 Member Posts: 4,224 Bronze Crown

    You don't need to connect to that OEM Management Server to do an export, you can just run the exp utility and do it from the command line. However, you don't need to do that either, because there is no way you can use an export to copy data into a SQL Server. Why not? Because an export dump is an Oracle proprietary format that only another Oracle database can read.

    If you need to copy data into SQL Server, you'll have to look at either connecting from the Oracle database to the SQL Server and pushing the data across (look up "Oracle HS Services") or connecting from the SQL Server to the Oracle database and pulling the data out (lookup "linked server"). Both those options are straightforward IF there is compatibility between the releases of Oracle and SQL Server. Is there compatibility between Oracle 9i and SQL Server 2019? Certainly not certified (because 9i went out of premier support over 10 years ago) but you can probably make it work. Or pay a consultant to make it work for you (my boss would be happy to give you a quote 🙂 ).

  • User_Z74AM
    User_Z74AM Member Posts: 3


    I also have a 2008 SQL server. so there any tool via which i can migrate oracle 9i to sql server 2008 and than 2019.

    because oracle 9i is not directly compatible with sql server 2019.


  • Mike Kutz
    Mike Kutz Member Posts: 5,588 Silver Crown

    because oracle 9i is not directly compatible with sql server 2019.

    I suspect that Oracle 19c is not directly compatible with sql server 2019.

    If you want to migrate data from database vendox X to database vendor Y, you should ask the experts of database Y. (In your case: SQL Server)

    Warning database agnostic code is a myth.

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