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Apex LOV (Local - list based on Query) pretty slow when you EDIT it (for modification or check)

senn Member Posts: 4 Green Ribbon


I noticed the following behavior with new Shared Component LOV (Local based on a query and not static) :

-      When one tries to EDIT a Local LOV (Shared Component) based on a SQL Query (or a table), it is pretty slow to get the definition/setting page (using the browser F12, it is taking between 10 and 15s!).

This will not dependent on the size and/or the structure of the table (used in the background to define the LOV).

Also tried this scenario on the Cloud platform ( and on an On Prem’s setting (powerful machine).

Last thing, if you try the old [legacy SQL] LOV (e.g. : still used by packaged application like the P-Track / Project tracking packaged app) : it is perfect (less than 1s to EDIT a LOV). If you take the same code and create a new one (LOCAL LOV), it becomes too slow to EDIT the LOV.

Anyone noticed this strange behavior? Any explanation?

It will be great if you could try it (and provide feedback ...)

Best Regards